An advanced and dynamic model for the treatment of Psychotrauma, Anxiety and Stress related disorders

SEE FAR CBT is a treatment protocol for anxiety and stress related disorders, developed by Prof. Mooli Lahad & Miki Doron. SEE FAR CBT has modified and adapted elements from several approaches to treatment of psycho-trauma that have proven successful in changing and bettering the situation of patients. It includes:
  • Enhancing  sense of safety and security 
  • focusing on the "body memory"
  • Real world experimentation  and gradual exposure 
  • Reconstruction of the traumatic story using Visual stimuli. Emphasizing the visual  cortex based exposure and the use of therapeutic cards for the creation of an alternative story of the trauma. 
  • Adopting new learning and using reflective thinking and self
The treatment protocol was found effective for different ages and culturally sensitive. The method is practiced in various clinical settings during the last 9 years, and currently there are hundreds of therapists, certified in using the SEE FAR CBT protocol.
The method emphasizes aspects that neither of the contemporary therapies have touched upon, like rehabilitation of trauma and anxiety patients' playfulness skills. Focusing on the visual memory of the trauma and integration of body, cognition and imagination for the creation of alternative, and empowering narrative
The method was tested in evaluation studies both with children, adolescents and adults, suffering from psychotrauma anxiety and stress related disorders. Findings show significant improvement in distress symptoms and enhanced resiliency.
Miyako Shirakawa-Nishi M.D SEE FAR CBT Clinician
"I am seeing 20-25 clients per day in my clinic, Almost all of them a stress and trauma related disorder, and what is really fascinating is that  I  have now See Far CBT in my hands.
As I wrote in my note, I am finding vast possibility using visual images in therapy. 
I learned that amygdala started to come out ver early period as fetus, it is 2 weeks after fertalization.  They continues to store vast pictures of every experiences.
To my eye, See Far CBT directly work on the issues around amygdala, very deep emotional realm sometime without words, it spontaneously cause projection and resolve without risks.
How quick that changes happens, At first time I can’t believe in.
Thank you for sending this technique to this World.

Miyako Shirakawa-Nishi M.D.
Tokyo" |  Mobile: 052-3318976   
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